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Miss Monticello & Miss Monticello's Outstanding Teen Pageant

Pageant History
Areas of Competition
Application Information


This year's Miss Monticello, Miss Wayne County Area and Miss Monticello's / Miss Wayne County Area's Outstanding Teen Pageant was held on Saturday, November 11th at 5 PM (EST).

Congratulations to Miss Monticello 2018, Yulia Perevozchikova from Morehead; Miss Monticello's Outstanding Teen, Reagan Earlywine from Paris and Miss Wayne County Area's Outstanding Teen, Joanna Clark from Lexington. 

The results of the Little Miss divisions are as follows:

Tiny Miss Monticello, Sophie Muse of Albany
Tiny Miss Wayne County Area, Annsley Shelton of Albany
Little Miss Monticello, Kennedi Sloan of Monticello
Little Miss Wayne County Area, Jersie Smith of Albany
Junior Miss Monticello, Kriscelyn Randall of Somerset
Junior Miss Wayne County Area, Kinsley Shearer of Monticello
Pre-Teen Miss Monticello, Kelsay Collins of Monticello
Pre-Teen Miss Wayne County Area, Kate Brove of Taylorsville

The Miss Monticello Pageant Committee is planning to host the 2019 Miss Monticello Pageant on November 17, 2018.



The 23rd annual Miss Monticello and Miss Teen Monticello pageants will be held at Wayne County High School in Monticello on November 11, 2017.  The pageant will begin at 5:00 PM (EST).


Contestant Eligibility Requirements

The Miss Monticello Scholarship Pageant is open to all young ladies in the state of Kentucky between the ages of 17 and 24 and who meet all the requirements listed on the Miss Kentucky website:

There must be at least 4 contestants in the Miss division, who will not pay an entry fee but must make a $100 donation to the Children's Miracle Network. 


All Teen contestants must be a resident of Kentucky and age 13 by May 24, 2017, and not older than 18 years of age on July 31, 2018 as well as meet all qualifications listed on the Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen website (

Teen contestants must pay a $50 entry fee to the Miss Monticello Pageant.


Each contestant needs to send one headshot for the judges' book and program book along with all required forms. Photographs need to be in color. These will be returned, but it is preferred that your headshot be emailed along with your resume and platform statement to by October 31st.

All paperwork and photographs must be emailed to the pageant director.  All forms may be found on the local pageant resource page of the Miss Kentucky website or on this website.  All bio information, platform information, talent reqest form, community service form and photographs, must be emailed to the pageant director by October 31, 2017. 


Contestants will appear on stage in opposite order of paperwork received.  Talent requests will be granted on a first come, first serve basis, so it is important to get your paperwork in as soon as possible!


Children's Miracle Network is now the official national platform of the Miss America Organization.  This year, each MISS contestant is REQUIRED to have donations that will raise $100 for a local pageant (up to a total of $500 raised at the local level after which she will no longer be required to raise anymore at the local level), $500 more must be raised for the state pageant, and $1000 more for the Miss America Pageant to benefit the Miss America Scholarship Fund and the Children's Miracle Network in order to participate.  EVERY MISS contestant will HAVE to go to this website and register:


This is where the Miss America Organization will keep track of your donations.  What does this mean for Miss Monticello and Miss Wayne County Area?  Right now, you have to register and make a $100 donation online before November 11, 2017.





There will be 5 finalists recognized.  Fourth runner-up through 1st runner-up will receive flowers.


The new Miss Teen Monticello will receive a traveling scepter donated by Chapel Tinius and crown.  She will also receive the official sash donated by 2017 Teen winners Turner Reynolds and Ally Alred.   


The remainder of the prize package will be based on the number of contestants as follows:  one contestant = $50 toward entry fee to Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen; two contestants = $100 toward entry fee to state pageant; three contestants = entry fee paid in full for state pageant; four contestants = entry fee paid and $50 toward official crown; five contestants = entry fee paid & official teen crown; six or more contestants = entry fee paid, official crown & money toward production fees.  Any other fees will be ultimately the responsibility of the winner.





In the Miss Monticello division there will be 5 finalists recognized.  Fourth through 1st runners-up will receive flowers and a trophy.  The new Miss Monticello will receive a traveling scepter donated by June Correll, official crown and sash, a $300 cash scholarship (Ashley Cross Memorial Scholarship) many in-kind scholarships and will represent Monticello at the 2018 Miss Kentucky Pageant.  Any other fees will be the winner's responsibility. 



More information will be returned after your entry application is received. When submitting your entry, please send a phone number and email where you can be reached, if need be. 

Important Pageant Information

Orientation for the pageant will be held at Pickrell Auditorium at Wayne County High School at 10:00 AM (EST) on November 11th. Production numbers and talent rehearsals will immediately follow the orientation on the day of the pageant with interviews beginning at approximately 12:00 PM. Contestants will appear in interview attire in the opening number. The evening competition will begin promptly at 5:00 PM (EST).

Contestants will compete in the following areas:  Interview, Swimwear/Sportswear, Talent, Evening Wear and On-Stage Question.  For more information about the various events click on the Areas of Competition link at the top left of the page. 



Links to other pageant websites:

The Miss Kentucky Scholarship Pageant

Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen Pageant

Miss America Pageant

Questions or comments? Get in touch with pageant director Joey Neal at:

Mailing Address:

Miss Monticello/Miss Wayne County Area
c/o Mr. Joey Neal
151 Bowlin Road

Monticello, KY 42633

Phone: 606-307-3199