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Miss Monticello & Miss Monticello's Outstanding Teen Pageant

Areas of Competition

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Areas of Competition
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In this section you will learn more about each area of competition you will compete in for the Miss and Teen divisions. 

Private Interview

Each miss contestant will have a (10) ten minute personal interview with the panel of judges.  Teen contestants will have a (6) six minute personal interview.  The contestants will be asked questions about their education, goals and platform.  Contestants will also be asked questions about politics, state, local and world events.  The private interview accounts for 25% for Miss and 35% for Teen scoring.  Interviews will begin approximately at 12:00 PM the day of the pageant.  Miss contestants will have 30 seconds of closing time for their interview.

Swimsuit (Miss)/Sportswear (Teen)

Each contestant in the Miss division will be required to model a swimsuit of her own choosing.  The suit must be appropriate and in good taste, either a one or two piece suit.  Contestants must wear shoes.  Teen contestants will model a t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes or fitness wear of her choosing.  Teen contestants will perform an EASY routine in their presentation.  Swimwear is 10% of the total Miss score and Sportswear is 15% of the total Teen score.


Each Miss and Teen contestant will perform a ninety (90) second talent presentation. Background music must be submitted on CD to the pageant officials at talent rehearsals which will take place at orientation on the morning of the pageant.  Talent is worth 35% of the total score for Teen and 30% for Miss.  ALL MUSIC MUST BE ON CD.

Evening Wear

Each contestant will be required to model evening wear of her choice.  Evening Wear is worth 15% of the total score for Miss and 25% of the total score for Teen.  Teen contestants will answer one on-stage question during evening wear as part of their evening wear score. 


On-Stage Question

Miss contestants will be asked one question onstage which will be drawn from a bowl.  The on-stage question is worth 20% of the total competition scoring.


Once the scores have been calculated, the winners will be announced.

Ties into or among the Top 5 of Miss Monticello will be broken as follows:  The contestant with the highest score in Talent will be given the higher placement, if both contestants are tied in talent then interview scores are used to break the tie, followed by on-stage question,  evening wear, and then swimsuit.  Unless a tie exists in all phases of competition judges do not reballot.  Should a tie exist in all five phases of competition each judge is to be given a listing of the contestants who are tied and each judge indicates individually who they feel should be awarded the higher position. In the Teen division ties into the Top 5 are broken by Talent first, then Interview, then Evening Wear/On-Stage Question and then Fitness.  If a tie exists in all phases of competition then the judges will re-ballot choosing the contestant that they feel should have the higher placement.

Mailing Address:

Miss Monticello/Miss Wayne County Area
c/o Mr. Joey Neal
151 Bowlin Rd

Monticello, KY 42633

Phone: 606-307-3199